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31 Dec 2022 - Parks acted quickly with installing signage after opening up the beach access. The "No left Turn" signs seem to be more effective, compared to previous years.


28 Dec 2022 - Quentin finalised a site meeting with Helen Morgan from Bushways - Environmental Services Tasmania . Helen and her husband Warwick will be at Seymour on the 6-7 Jan 2023 and will be accommodated at Aurora with Melissa and Daniel. Todd Dudley is coming down to join us on a site survey of the Seymour Conservation Area.


28 Dec 2022 - Parks supervised the opening up of the 4WD beach access track which was blocked by driftwood at the beach end. The track has increasingly become one of the main water drain of the conservation area. Unfortunately the sandy banks of the track were just pulled on to the rocky washed out track once more, to be washed out again in the next big weather event. (see photos)

15 Dec 2022 - Daniel finalised the draft Vol.2 Gorse Eradication Strategy for Seymour Wetlands Restoration.

15 Dec 2022 - Neridah Stockley prepared a press release for the BODC monthly newsletter. Unfortunately it had to be reduced in size to fit into the December issue.

11 Dec 2022 - Ruth Mollison sent out the membership form for Understory Network Inc. The benefits of the $10 membership fee are listed here.

11 Dec 2022 - Daniel completed and sent out the final update to the draft Vol.2 Draft Restoration Strategy for the Seymour Wetland Restoration.

10 Dec 2022 - Ruth Mollison conducted a Seed Collection Workshop at the Winifred Curtis Scamander Reserve organised by Quentin. It was a very successful day with ten people attending.

9 Dec 2022 - Daniel received some valuable input into the Vol 2 Draft Restoration Strategy for the Seymour Wetland Restoration document from Neridah which he included in the final draft.

9 Dec 2022 - A meeting was held at Aurora with Fiona from Parks, Quentin, David, Neridah and Daniel to discuss the new procedures and requirements by Parks for the SCAGI working bees. The 4WD access track was discussed and a possible boom-gate at Champ St.

8 Dec 2022 -  Fiona from Parks returned the Vol 2 Draft Restoration Strategy for the Seymour Wetland Restoration with some changes, comments and further input requests.

8 Dec 2022 - Quentin contacted Helen Morgan from Bushways - Environmental Services Tasmania re the production of an Environmental Management Plan for Seymour Conservation Area.

30 Nov 2022 - Daniel organised a meeting with Fiona Everts on the 9th Dec, to get an induction to the new procedures required by Parks for future SCAGI working bees. Aurora was confirmed as the location at 10am.

29 Nov 2022 - We received an invitation for submissions re the Regional Planning Framework Discussion Paper and draft Structure Plan Guidelines, from the State Planning Office.Submissions close COB Tue 28 Feb 2023. The SPO will conduct an online presentation on the 9 Feb 2023. To register email:

25 Nov 2022 - Alex Buchanan of the Tasmanian Herbarium offered to help us with plant identification on the by Parks proposed transect lines, after a meeting with Quentin.

24 Nov 2022 - Quentin, Kez and Daniel attended the NE Bioregional Network 2022 AGM in St Helens.

20 Nov 2022 - Quentin joined the EON composting team dealing with the waste of the Bicheno Food and Wine festival. Alison McCollier from EON offered the $1000 reward for the effort to SCAGI.

20 Nov 2022 - Ruth Mollison sent us the details for the Seed Collection Workshop at the Winifred Curtis Scamander Reserve on the 10 Dec 2022 at 10am. Quentin emailed the invitation to all.

18 Nov 2022 -  Kez finalised and emailed the 2022 AGM Minutes, Financial Report, President Report and Membership Form.

18 Nov 2022 - Quentin contacted Mark Cameron re the history and other information for the Winifred Curtis Reserve. Mark kindly sent us a personal record written by Tim McManus about the reserve and a flyer which is available for download.


14 Nov 2022 - Daniel finalises the Vol.2 Weed Management Plan wit some input from Todd and Quentin it was sent to Fiona and Adam at Parks by Quentin.


13 Nov 2022 - Daniel hosted the 2022 AGM at Aurora Beach Cottage. All office bearers and the committee was re-elected unchanged. The financial report was tabled by Daniel and distributed to all present with the draft minutes by Kez, our secretary. A link to Quentin's president report is available and and following the AGM a general meeting was held. Thank you to all attendees who kindly contributed delicious plates and platters of food, & refreshments to share after our meeting. It was good to catch up and have discussion about a wide variety of topics affecting our area, thank you for your participation.

13 Nov 2022 - Eric Woehler inquired about a Seymour local's claim about dwindling penguin colonies at Long Point since 2020. Quentin replied with previous communications.

11 Nov 2022 -  Neridah organised a zoom link for our AGM on Sunday and sent out invitations to join the meeting.


11 Nov 2022 - Quentin talked to Adam Smith - Parks and Reserves Manager East Coast and we received the finalised and signed VPP - Volunteer Program Plan together with Attachment A - A working bee attendance and communication form. Also SCAGI's WHS - Job Risk Assessment Form. A on-site meeting is planned when Fiona is back from holidays.

5 Nov 2022 - In May 2022 David wrote to Council re the lack of speed limit signs at Seymour and the dangerous road conditions for the pedestrians and cyclists. After a follow-up enquiry by David, Meredith Churchill from BODC replied with apologies for the oversight and promised to make arrangements for the signs to be installed.

3 Nov 2022 - Eric Woehler from BirdLife Tasmania sent us the following:

We're losing our Fairy Terns in Tasmania. The ever-increasing presence of vehicles and dogs on beaches exacerbates natural pressures. The shorebirds and terns can deal with high tides and storms, but the double-hit of natural processes (these are processes not threats) AND human-sourced threats (4WDs, dogs, disturbance - these ARE threats) is too much for them and as we have seen over the last 30-40 years, their numbers decrease. Councils and PWS are unable to halt the increase in dogs and vehicles on beaches, so the populations decrease.
Sadly, I can't see it improving, ever. Recreational pursuits are prioritised over protection of threatened species. Utterly indefensible but that's the paradigm.

Woehler 2021 Shorebirds threats TBR 41   

Woehler 2021 Shorebird populations

2 Nov 2022 - Quentin sent out the invitation with minutes and agenda for the SCAGI AGM  to be held at 2pm on Sunday 13th Nov. 2022 at Aurora Beach Cottage hosted by Daniel.

28 Oct 2022 -  Landcare Tasmania sent an invitation to their AGM in Hobart or on Zoom on the 25 Nov 2022.

24 Oct 2022 - Quentin contacted John White from the Weed Action Fund Coordinator inquiring about new rounds of funding. The current funding runs till end of June 2024, guidelines are currently reviews for the next phase of funding.

23 Oct 2022 - Due to inclement weather 14 people met at Paul and Linda Williams place. 

After a brief discussion about the Weed Management Plan and pending AGM Todd Dudley gave us an inspirational talk on restoration history and National Standards for Restoration in Australia.

Todd shared some books that he recommended as references for restoration efforts and his talk created much interest and discussion. It was good to connect and be able to relate Todd's talk to the efforts at Seymour.

Michelle Mentz sent her records of the Seymour Care Groups efforts in the area around the turn of the century.

We concluded with coffee and food and more conversations about the way forward for the Seymour Project. Thank you to Landcare for assisting us in advertising the event. (link to photos of the event)


23 Oct 2022 - Eric Woehler from BirdLife Tasmania discouraged us from getting involved in the NRM North Hooded Plover project.

20 Oct 2022 - SCAGI wrote a letter of support for the NE Bioregional Network planning submission to the Tasmanian Planning Commission. (link)

20 Oct 2022 - Quentin contacted BODC's Kristina Freshney and Parks's Jason Jacobi re the state of the southern beach car park. Both are  not able to remedy the situation with the land being on private property and Parks having more pressing priorities.

14 Oct 2022 - Landcare Tasmania advertised the SCAGI Ecological Restoration Workshop conducted by Todd Dudley on 23 Oct 2022 about ecological restoration standards.

11 Oct 2022 - A planned seed propagation workshop with Marcus Ragus was postponed after Quentin met with Peter Stronach who was in process of organising such a workshop along the east coast. The meeting will still be held and will be facilitated by Todd Dudley on the 23rd Oct.

11 Oct 2022 - Sam Ibbott from Marine Solutions sent us information on a organic weedkiller used by Bird in Hand.

Slasher organic Weed Killer made by OCP Organic Crop Protectants.

8 Oct 2022 - Received an invitation by Gail Dennett from CLT Trust to attend a cool burn demonstration of Poa grass by Uncle Harold Riley a local indigenous elder on a conservation property at Erriba in north-west Tasmania on Sat 22 Oct.

7 Oct 2022 - Daniel transformed the Vol. 2 - Draft Restoration Plan Seymour Wetlands into a word document for easier input and editing capability by contributors.

5 Oct 2022 - Bird in Hand replied to an enquiry by Rob Kelman re the observed muddy state of Doctors Creek west of the bridge.

4 Oct 2022 - Jenn Gason from Landcare TAS assisted with a flyer for the upcoming SCAGI Ecological Restoration Workshop. An introduction to standards on ecological restoration is to be held on the 23rd Oct 2022.

30 Sep 2022 - Ruth Mollison from Island Seeds spoke to Quentin and will be in touch

 again about helping us with some easy seed propagation techniques, based on the understory Network method.

29 Sep 2022 - Quentin sent out an update on the Bird in Hand dam construction. Sam Ibbott of Marine Solutions has informed him that construction has been terminated temporarily due to the wet weather and state of the site. Dam construction will recommence in Feb. 2023


27 Sep 2022 - Evie Drinnan and Quentin requested and received a fresh Aboriginal Heritage Desktop Survey, which is linked here and was sent to us by Claire Keating - Operations (Archaeologist) Aboriginal Heritage Tasmania.


27 Sep 2022 - Fiona Everts found out where PWS's side by side spray unit is located at theTamar Field Centre. It would need to be requested through PWS's managerial channels.

21 Sep 2022 - Quentin sent out an update to our members and supporters.

12 Sep 2022 - Ben Wall offered to undertake a Chem Handling Course on behalf of SCAGI and paid for by SCAGI.

8 Sep 2022 - Fiona Everts PWS had a meeting with Quentin on site to discuss the VPP and the WMP Vol.2 and to look over the very wet site. Kez wrote the minutes of the meeting.

7 Sep 2022 - Quentin replied to an email from Dave Frelek, Wildlife Management Officer - Game Services Tasmania. Dave has sent us deer sighting brochures, explaining how to identify and report the Wild Fallow Deer with the FeralScan App; see for more information

3 Sep 2022 - 13 people met for a working bee 10 to 4pm including four UTAS Landcare Society members. Kes supplied tea biscuit and cake for a lunch break. The main task was cutting and pasting flowering gorse and looking after the planted trees. Graeme Beach also brought some PWS approved shore bird signs which were place in strategic spots. Photographs and a full description of the day can be downloaded.

2 Sep 2022 - Fiona Everts PWS requested a site meeting to look at the proposed area for a burn and to give us an update with where we are at with SCAGI’s VPP.

27 Aug 2022 - Paul Williams joined Quentin for a cut and past working bee of flowering gorse.


25 Aug 2022 - Quentin and Amanda Brooks from from GSBC met on site to discuss the next course of action with gorse treatment.

24 Aug 2022 - Melissa and Daniel represented SCAGI at the 2022 National Landcare
Conference and Gala Award Dinner. Our category was won by the NT Roper River Landcare Group near Katherine. A link to all the awards, the finalists and the winners is available here and more information and downloads from the conference can be accessed from this link.

16 Aug 2022 - Quentin collaborated with Erin Campbell-Hooper, Research Assistant National Centre for Coasts and Climate, School of BioSciences, Faculty of Science - The University of Melbourne.

The nature-based coastal protection project Erin is researching now includes Long Point, it's published on the Living Shoreline Australia website

9 Aug 2022 - Daniel updated the Weed and Disease Management Plan of our Gorse Eradication Strategy for
Seymour Wetlands Restoration. It is the 8th update and was sent out to Parks for comment. I will publish  it here when its finalised.

5 Aug 2022 - Zoe the President of UTAS Landcare Society wrote to us offering their assistance in the upcoming mid-semester break period at the end of August. Quentin is communicating with Zoe to organise the next working bee.

2 Aug 2022 - Quentin wrote to Amanda Brooks from GSBC requesting assistance with future gorse management on our wetland site.


22 Jul 2022 - It's official, the sign is up again !  20 years in the's a beautiful thing. What an accomplishment ! We look forward to working together into the future to maintain and nurture this special place. (link to new sign)

19 Jul 2022 - Daniel replied to Felicity Hargraves, with information re Vegetation Mapping on Long Point requested by Dr. Anne Kitchener Coordinator, Tasmanian Vegetation Monitoring and Mapping Program
Natural Assets Spatial Intelligence Section, Natural Values Science Services Environment, Heritage and Land Tasmania.

13 Jul 2022 - The State Planning Office has extended the submission deadline for the "Scoping the State Planning Provisions Review"  to Aug 12  2022.

The SPPs Review Scoping Paper has been prepared to assist you with providing feedback. The Scoping Paper and a range of other information can be viewed through the Have Your Say on the Planning in Tasmania website :

11 Jul 2022 - Quentin updated Esther Etkin, Communications & PR Manager of Landcare Australia with the  latest developments of our Project. A link to the Seymour Wetland Restoration Reclassification article can be accessed here.

7 Jul 2022 - Daniel has discussed the way forward with SCAGI's Weed Management Plan with Fiona Everts. The plan is to be updated, then we can discuss and consider a possible "Volume 2" of the same.

6 Jul 2022 - The electronically signed VPP (Volunteer Program Plan) documents went back to Fiona Everts (Parks)

5 Jul 2022 - Quentin received a copy of the interview on ABC Mornings program, the mp3 file can be downloaded here.

4 Jul 2022 - Quentin made himself available for an interview on ABC Mornings with Mel Bush. It is the last 10 mins. of the broadcast

3 Jul 2022 - Quentin spoke to Clancy Balen of the Examiner who published an article about the extended Seymour Conservation Area. It is a well written story providing incentive for others to join the work of restoration.


29 June 2022 - Dear SCAGI Members and Supporters, Some good news.

The Seymour Wetland Restoration Project area has been reclassified and is now part of the Seymour Conservation Area.

See below link to the Tasmania Government Gazette and exert from page 514 pertaining the reclassification.

  1. "(9)  Proclamation under section 11(2) of the Nature Conservation Act 2002 This proclamation –

    1. (a)  declares an area of Crown land to be reserved land in the class of conservation area; and

    2. (b)  gives the name Seymour Conservation Area to that reserved land." 


Here is a link to the Media Release from The Minister.


This means the Seymour Conservation Area is now nearly double in size, from 61 hectares to 115 hectares and it includes our freshwater wetland.


Many thanks to all who have helped in this endeavour. 

Whether it be through Grants, contract mulching, spraying and slashing, volunteer weeding, and contributing to our Field Days.


It is wonderful the Government have recognised the community efforts and that this decision was tri-partisan with support from Liberal, Labour and the Greens. 


Special acknowledgement and thanks to Todd Dudley of the NE Bioregional Network and Peter Stronach of Landcare Tas for their guidance and encouragement throughout the Project.

Thanks to Fiona Everts our PWS Ranger and our Treasurer Daniel Steiner for all their work on the Weed Management Plan. Daniel has recorded our activities in the website and kept our budget positively balanced through Grant Applications and Acquittals and kept track of our expenditure. Without his efforts we would not have accomplished this great outcome.

Special thanks to Klaas and Andy who encouraged us to contribute financially to the Project at the outset and whose compassionate wisdoms have been a wonderful influence on the Group, to Andy for her ongoing support and hosting meetings at Piccaninny. To Kez for her support as the SCAGI Secretary, hosting, baking and cooking for many volunteers as well as hosting many meetings. To Melissa for her lovely cakes and hospitality for meetings and celebrations at Aurora.


Thanks to our financial members who have turned up to the working bees and Field Days and helped with logistics, catering, cakes, wine, food and their company.

Thank you to all the supporters who have come out cutting and pasting gorse over the years, the Green Army, Utas Landcare Society, Friends of Freycinet and the many others both local and from afar who have helped.


We are very grateful for the financial support from many sources. DPIPWE through Phil Thompson, Landcare, NRM North, Break O’Day Council, Weed Action Fund Grant, RACT, Community Environmental Project, Earth Ocean Network, Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal, and ongoing contributions from Group Members and supporters.


There will be weed control and further plantings into the future and we will be working with Parks and Wildlife services.

We are happy to know that the PWS will be taking a more active role in weed control.


With the new Classification and the Volunteer Program Plan there is a requirement for all volunteers to register with PWS prior to helping in the Project area.

It is a simple task and once completed you are covered by insurance.

Please register through this link:

If you have any problems Fiona Everts may be able to assist. 03 6256 7011


We will plan a celebration Field Day/Working bee later in the year and look forward to catching up with you all then.


Please feel free to share with your networks and apologies to any of our many supporters that I have missed.


Thanks and Kind Regards, Quentin Smith President 


Addendum by Daniel

Without Quentin's perseverance, drive, energy, motivation and support none of our achievements would have been possible. A very special thank you to him from all of us.

26 Jun 2022 - Sally Staubmann from Habitat Plants is confirming 100 plants for 2023 made up of, 50   Allocasuarina littoralis, 20   Banksia marginata and 30   Eucalyptus globulus

23 Jun 2022 - Melissa and Daniel have been invited and will represent SCAGI at the 2022 National Landcare Awards to be hosted in Sydney on August 24. As winner of the Tasmania Landcare Community Group Award

we are a finalist for the National Awards. Contact, Melissa Higgins Landcare Australia Marketing & Communications Director.

22 Jun 2022 - SCAGI was informed by Evie Drinnan that our application for Round 24 of the Tasmanian Landcare Fund has been successful. This funding is made available to us through generous donations to the Tasmanian Landcare Fund from the JM Roberts Charitable Trust to support Landcare member projects across the State.

21 Jun 2022 - Fiona Everts sent us the 2022 Seymour Community Action Group Inc Volunteer Program Plan (VPP) for approval.

24 May 2022 - Quentin Contract spraying with Jarrod from GSBC 2 x  600 ltr tanks 8 hours

19 May 2022 - Quentin Contract spraying with Jarrod from GSBC 2 x  600 ltr tanks 8 hours

18 May 2022 - Quentin made contact with Brad Smith, Senior Environmental Scientist of ENTURA about the Doctors Creek Catchment.

17 May 2022 - Quentin 3 hours Cutting and pasting flowering gorse to wet to contact spray

16 May 2022 - Quentin 3 hours Cutting and pasting flowering gorse to wet to contact spray

15 May 2022 - Quentin 3 hours Cutting and pasting flowering gorse to wet to contact spray

30 April 2022 - Dave Quon, Quentin and Murray collected rubbish from the waterline and fuel from the stranded yacht.

29 April 2022 - Yacht Jacana went aground 100 m north of Templestowe Lagoon mouth.

27 April 2022 - Meeting with Sam Ibbott Tasmanian Water Solutions at Quon to discuss water monitoring of Templestowe Lagoon and strategies to mitigate effects of BIH vineyard.

25 April 2022 - Quentin back pack spraying cutting and spraying with Paul Williams, Daniel and Melissa

23 April 2022 - Quentin and Kez visit with William and Melissa Ferguson at Grindstone and organised chemicals for spraying

20 Apr 2022 - Minister Petrusma cancelled visit to Wetland due to COVID

20 Apr 2022 - Quentin 3 hours cut and paste northern boundary with Richard Cookes property

27 Mar 2022 - Quentin Spray pack spraying, cutting and pasting Champ St trees.

23 Mar 2022 - Friends of Freycinet  removed lupin and large flowering gorse in the conservation area to the east of Richard Cookes boundary. Thank you all for your continuing support with our project and the organisation by Fiona Everts.

18 &19 Mar 2022 - AJ Spencer slashing

19 Mar 2022 - 5 students from the Utas Landcare Society joined 8 locals at the Champ Street trees at 10am for the planned working bee. Todd and Quentin gave everyone a briefing and proceeded to remove old tree guards and after weeding the trees the guards were renewed with larger wire ones.

All continued to cut and paste gorse till 12.30 when we shared a lovely morning tea prepared by Kez.

After the break 7 of us completed the Champ Street trees and then headed around the eastern part of the project area overlooking the swamp cutting and pasting gorse, finishing at 1600.

The Utas students then came out to the Point and after setting up camp and having a swim joined us for drinks and dinner. We enjoyed some Wobbly Boot Wine supplied by Paul and Lynda Williams and some Honey Mead supplied by Ben and Neridah who also joined us for the evening.

The following day 6 of us continued the work of replacing tree guards, weeding and cutting and pasting gorse. We focused mainly on the trees just to the south of the drain and the area near the swamp.

Two of us sprayed the small gorse near the most recently planted trees in the NE of the Project area. We also cut and pasted large and flowering gorse in that area. Thank you to all involved with this very successful working bee. Link to photos

18 Mar 2022 -  Fiona Everts, Parks wrote to us re the upcoming working bee, offering some help by the Friends of Freycinet re weeding and requesting some member updates re COVID on the "My Volunteer Page" computer registration system.

18 Mar 2022 -  Phil Thompson replied to Quentin's request for funding re slashing. He's

attempting to chase up who is responsible for funding these days at Crown Lands and will get back to us as soon as he finds out.

16 Mar 2022 - Slashing was undertaken by Adam Cruze with his flow mow mulcher. Todd drove down to inspect and suggested a tree guard upgrade replacing the black plastic tree guards with wire mesh ones. Link to photos

15 Mar 2022 - We had good news from FRRR Strengthening Rural Communities Program. We were successful with our grant application. This will enable us to continue with our project, also getting the community together for a common goal of better environmental outcomes.

The grant was made available by the Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal and the grant donor is IKEA Australia.

13 Mar 2022 -  We received a grant from EON and have started slashing on the eastern side of the access track.

9 Mar 2022 - We received a letter of support from the Minister for Parks, Jacquie Petrusma MP with regard to our project and the pending re-classification of the Crown Land to Seymour Foreshore Conservation.

8 & 9 Mar 2022 - Quentin eliminated  sea spurge on Templestowe beach mainly on the north side of the lagoon bar.

8 Mar 2022 - Quentin offered Parks our assistance and sent the updated weed management plan as well as the Landcare Award submission for some background to our project. Jen Parnell endeavoured to keep us informed as to the the progress towards the presentation to Parliament.

7 Mar 2022 - Jen Parnell - Manager, Policy, Planning and Legislation from Parks contacted us for information  about the natural values of the crown land, such as flora and fauna species, fauna habitat, vegetation communities and restoration work outcomes. She is working on the relisting process for the Seymour Public Reserve to Conservation Area for Parks.

7 Mar 2022 - Quentin sent out an invitation for our next working bee with the UTAS Landcare Society on the weekend of the 19th and 20th of March.

1 Mar 2022 - Quentin heard from Peter Stronach, the Landcare Tasmania CEO that SCAGI is on a short list in Landcare's project bank to provide an application for funding. We should receive an invitation shortly.

24 Feb 2022 - We received an invitation from Brian Mitchell MP to lodge an Expression of Interest for tree-planting funds as part of the commemorative recognition of Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee.

Quentin submitted our expression of interest.

23 Feb 2022 - Quentin cut gorse in the regeneration area and attended to the planted trees for 3 hours.

23 Feb 2022 - Quentin was in touch with Chris Emms from Parks, the Fire Management Officer – Planning. His request for follow up funding for slashing was received favourably. Phil Thompson - Crown Lands, will be contacting us about the funding.

22 Feb 2022 - Quentin wrote to Polly Buchhorn from BODC, re the weed problem on the verges of Champ and Templestowe Streets. Polly replied, pointing out the Council's lack of resources and time constraints.

Spiny Rush was treated on 24 Jan 2022 along Templestowe St.

21 Feb 2022 - Quentin wrote to the Minister Jacquie Petrusma, asking for her support following our advice that Mark Bryce the Director of Landscape Programs for Parks and Wildlife Services had completed the necessary work in readiness for the Environment Division. The report is to be forwarding  to the MP for presentation to the Parliament.

21 Feb 2022 -  Ben Mildren from Landcare Tasmania contacted Quentin re the 2022 Landcare Australia Award to offer his assistance and guidance regarding the SCAGI submission.

14 Feb 2022 - Quentin arranged with Todd Dudley to meet on site, to look over the project site and discuss future plans.


30 Jan 2022 - Message from Steve Heggie at Parks Freycinet reads " Good news gents, I have successfully lobbied & received some emergency money to replace the signs. Order is underway but no quick turn around from manufacture."

11 Jan 2022 - Quentin, Melissa and David sprayed with their backpacks while Daniel refilled them. Melissa ended up stepping in a  wombat hole, the result of which was an Avulsion fracture and sprained left ankle.

10 Jan 2022 - Daniel informed and sent photos to Steve Heggie about the vandalised and destroyed signage at Seymour on or about the 8th of Jan.

10 Jan  2022 - Daniel continued replacing plastic protectors with wire protectors on the new trees which they had outgrown.

7 Jan 2022 - Kez and Daniel both wrote to Steve Heggie at Parks re the state of the signage on the southern and northern beach at Long Point. Over Christmas New Year numerous people and cars were observed doing the wrong thing with regard to camping, lighting fires, driving in no go beach areas and not following the dog policy.

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