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AGM - Sun. 30 July 2023 -  2pm

at Andy De Jonge house at Piccaninny.

Please bring a plate to share for afternoon tea and RSVP to


To satisfy the Parks & Wildlife Service - Volunteer Program Plan we have to provide names and numbers of working bee attendees. All volunteers need to be registered (only ones) with Parks.



You can register at the link below:


Parks & Wildlife Service require all volunteers working on Public Land to be registered with them.


Here is the link:

Note this only has to be done once and Registration will cover you for all volunteer work on public land.

Regular working bees will be announced

Meeting place is on Champ St between the northern beach access track and the wetland sign car-park at 10 AM.

Everyone is welcome!

By questionable weather, if you would like to confirm please email us at:






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