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18 Dec 2021 - SCAGI working bee followed by lunch and celebration with 13 people at Aurora, Melissa and Daniel's place. Thank you all for your delicious contributions and your work on our project for the last year. A special thank you to Hillary Burden who drove all the way from Swansea to give us a hand.

12 Dec 2021 - Kez wrote an invitation for the last working bee of the year followed by a festive celebration of another successful Year.

11 Dec 2021 - Quentin and Daniel went to St Helens to get an update on the Break O' Day draft Local Provisions Schedule presented by Todd Dudley. We wrote a submission to the Council and are in general supportive of the changes for our part of the shire with some exceptions.

4 Dec 2021 - The fortnightly working bee was a big success with 7 locals contributing to tend to the gorse and other weeds as well as nurturing the newly planted trees.

1 Dec 2021 - Quentin, Melissa and Daniel attended a deer meeting at St Marys. The Draft Tasmanian Wild Fallow Deer Management Plan was discussed and we wrote a submission.

30 Nov 2021 - Melissa, Quentin and Daniel went for an excursion into the Douglas Apsley NP. We met up with Nel and Bob Graham and had a lovely walk, followed by an exploration along forestry tracks.

27 Nov 2021 - Melissa and Daniel went out to attend some gorse and protectors.

20 Nov 2021 - A wet morning and the Bicheno Food and Wine festival meant that we cancelled the fortnightly working bee.

18 Nov 2021 - Quentin finalised a draft started by Daniel for a new grant submission which will be lodged on the 22 Nov. with the Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal's (FRRR) Strengthening Rural Communities Program.

16 Nov 2021 - Daniel finalised a lupin mission over the whole site and managed to cut and paste or pull all regrowth of the last year including in the adjacent foreshore conservation area.

13 Nov 2021 - Sunday afternoon, thunder is rolling in with a big shower which looked like it was heading out to sea.

We had to postpone our big celebration weekend with the UTAS students but still managed to catch up for a  fortnightly  working bee. 30 mm of rain overnight confirmed we made the right decision. Eight of us drank more  tea (out of the wind) before productive field work. We still managed to rid the whole site of the Lupin regrowth including the adjacent conservation area over the weekend.

11 Nov 2021 - Andrew Nugent sent us the three additional documents requested by the Minister which should have been prepared for the initial dam application. A link to them is here.

10 Nov 2021 - Simon Roberts, Quentin and Daniel met with Andrew Nugent from BIH vineyard to discuss creek, dam and lagoon water monitoring and ways to mitigate the possibility of future algal blooms in the lagoon caused by additional fertiliser run-offs.

7 Nov 2021 - Quentin submitted a grant submission to TASNetwork Sustainable Future Grant Program.

1 Nov 2021 - We received notice of approval for the Seymour Dam. Further conditions have been added by the  head of the Department Jo Crisp acting for the Minister. Hopefully our efforts added to the safety of the dam and its construction. A marked up copy is available here, the yellow shows the additional conditions.

30 Oct 2021 - The fortnightly working bee was held while the two previous ones were too wet to get out there.

26 Oct 2021 - Landcare wrote to let us know that we are now a finalist in the 2022 National Landcare Awards.

14 Oct 2021 - Quentin and Daniel met with Andrew Nugent at John and Sue's. We agreed to stay in communication. Community monitoring of the Doctors Creek water flow and measures to avoid algal bloom in the lagoon was discussed amongst other things. Daniel followed up with an email re Salina Soils investigation and possible DA requirements for the vineyard dam infrastructure.

11 Oct 2021 - Quentin, Melissa and Daniel checked and watered all newly planted trees and concluded that a morning frost on the Sep 27 must have been the culprit for mainly the gums to suffer as they did.  

9 Oct 2021 - Evie Drinnan, now working for Landcare as Executive Assistant and the original UTAS Landcare Society Convenor visited Kez and Quentin. Daniel showed her over the wetland site and the local area. We discovered that quite a few newly planted trees were not doing too well and couldn't work out if a frost or lack of water was the reason.

2 Oct 2021 - GREAT NEWS we won the Landcare Community Group Award sponsored by Australian Community Media

The 2021 Landcare Conference was attended by Kez and Quentin & Melissa and Daniel. It was an excellently organised conference with over 40 talks and workshops to choose from. All was very informative and interesting.

2 Oct 2021 - Our mentor and SCAGI member Todd Dudley who is the leader of the North East Bioregional Network, won the Australian Government Individual Landcare award out of 7 finalists.
Mr Dudley, who earlier in the year received an international award for landscape restoration, will now once again be invited to attend the international event. It is his 2nd award of the weekend after winning the Tasmanian Premier's Landcare Award on Friday night at Albert Hall.

26 Sep 2021 - Quentin sent Fiona Everts from PWS the SCAGI VPP application. The Volunteer Program Plan will enable SCAGI to work with Parks into the future and to keep track with the updated works authorisation requirements by DPIPWE. The registration of all volunteers working on public land is required and the online form can be found here.

25 Sep 2021 -A mange affected  wombat was discovered at Seymour along the HWY towards Piccaninny Point. Kez and Quentin got in touch with Steve from Wombat Rescue. If you come across any wombats in trouble please ring 0419 585 001 - the wombat rescue help line.

25 Sep 2021 - Todd Dudley organised a Saltmash and Shorebird Walk. Eric Woehler from Birdlife Tasmania and Vishnu Prahalad from UTAS were speaking about values and threats.

24 Sep 2021 - Jenn Gason from Landcare Tasmania has added our regular working bees to the Community Landcare Events Calendar. Every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month.

18 Sep 2021 - On our Saturday working bee we were joined by Jan Mery Butcher, with Alison and Paul, Quentin and Melissa they cut and pasted gorse while Daniel re-protected bigger banksias with wire protectors.

15 Sep 2021 - Jo Crisp Acting General Manager - DPIPWE Agriculture and Water Division replied to our request for Review of Decision to approve dam works at Seymour. The reply is available here.

The review found that the decision to approve the dam works permit was not made following proper application of the Dam Works Assessment Decision Framework and that the Delegate’s decision to approve the  application under section 156 of the WMA was not based on sufficient evidence.

It means the approval process will now have to recommence.

14 Sep 2021 - After the last enquiry in April 2021, Quentin wrote to Jason Jacobi again to find out the status of the re-classification of the crown land. Jason passed it on to Martin Read and Quentin was contacted by the department with an update. DPIPWE/PWS are progressing the request to reclassify the Wetland Restoration Area back to Conservation Area and that it may be before the Parliament later this year or early next.

11 Sep 2021 - Daniel prepared a map showing the Templestowe Lagoon catchment the proposed dam and the estuary. A pdf is available here.

10 Sep 2021 -Todd bought three water experts to have a look at Doctors Creek and Templestowe Lagoon. Simon Roberts, Chris Bobbi and John advised us on a site visit.

8 Sep 2021 - Landcare Tasmania announced that a biocontrol agent for Sea spurge has been developed and released in Nov 2020 by CSIRO. You can get involved and read all about the fungus here.

4 Sep 2021 - The first of our regular scheduled working bees followed an early sprinkle first thing in the day.

We were joined by Hilary Burden all the way from Swansea and managed to cut and paste flowering gorse in the south-west corner.

29 Aug 2021 - Daniel sent out an email to announce our decision to have regular working bees scheduled every 1st and 3rd Saturday of any month, weather permitting. Starting on the 4th Sep at 10 AM and meeting in Champ St between the northern beach access track and the Wetland sign car park. Everyone is welcome!

23 Aug 2021 - Quentin submitted the SCAGI Landcare Award submission which is to be announced on Oct  2nd at the Landcare Tasmania Conference in Launceston.

17 Aug 2021 - We received an invitation to apply for another planting project for 2022 from Landcare. Unfortunately we had to skip a year with planting due to a lack of funding with the weed control. We prioritised caring for the 650 plants already planted until more funding can be sourced.

13 Aug 2021 - Jenn Gason from Landcare came back to Quentin with suggestions and to inform about an extension to the deadline to the 24 Aug.

7 Aug 2021 - Kez prepared a new annual membership form for the AGM which was held at Kez and Quentin's place. The successful AGM was attended by 13 members with Neridah joining us via Zoom. The office bearers and the committee were re-elected unchanged. A general meeting was followed by lovely cakes, drinks and  nibbles. A big thank you to all contributors and to Quentin and Kez for hosting the meeting.

6 Aug 2021 - Daniel registered with PWS Volunteer Registration (link here). To participate in any project linked to PWS  one must be registered with PWS as a volunteer prior to the event. Unfortunately each SCAGI member and our volunteers will have to go through the same process.

31 July 2021 - Quentin Smith was the first of four speakers at an event about Ecosystem Restoration at the Bicheno Memorial Hall. About 50 people attended a successful meeting see the link below.

30 July 2021 - Daniel submitted a Request for Review as per Part 14 of the Water Management Act, of of Dam Works Permit - 2021010041 to the minister. (link here)

26 July 2021 - Quentin was invited by Landcare Tasmania to nominate SCAGI for a Landcare Award in the category ACM Landcare Community Group award. He has started with the submission process.

22 July 2021 - We are delighted to welcome our new neighbours and soon to become Seymour residents Neridah Stockley and Ben Wall as a new member of SCAGI.

21 July 2021 - Tim Reid came back to finish off the north western part of the access track, received water from David Quon and left behind chemicals for future spraying.

20 July 2021 - Kez sent out the invitation for the upcoming conversation about the UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration. Bicheno Memorial Hall 31 July 1:30   see link

20 July 2021 - Quentin and Daniel went out to cut and paste flowering gorse and some lupin at the north of the access track. Daniel continued re-protecting newly planted Banksias with chicken wire as they had out grown the mesh protectors.

20 July 2021 - Quentin heard from CEP grant that they are happy with his final report and grant aquittal submission.

20 July 2021 - We have received unofficial bad news re our next round of grant application for the Weeds Action Fund administered by NRM North. The news is that we have been unsuccessful which is to be confirmed in writing.

19 July 2021 - Tim Reid came to spray the northern part of the west side of the access track. He got about 2/3 done of the newly flowering gorse.

18 July 2021 - Quentin and Daniel went to water all new trees and did some cut and pasting nearby. Then finished off with some flowering gorse at the corner of Champ St and Bedgegood Pl.

16 July 2021 - Received notice of the Bird in Hand Seymour Dam approval from DPIPWE.

No correspondence was received in relation to the SCAGI objection to the dam from the department.

15 July 2021 - Quentin finalised and sent off the CEP 2019 Grant final report and aquittal submission.

15 July 2021 - Quentin wrote to the Ministers enquiring on the status of the re classification of the Wetland.

12 July 2021 - Sadly we had to say our final farewell to Klaas De Jonge one of our founding members. Our dear friend died on Friday the 9th after a prolonged battle with cancer. Klaas was a great mentor and supporter of SCAGI and his passion for the environment and our community was second to none. We will miss his welcoming smile and wisdom greatly.

10 July 2021 - Daniel started to replace the Banksia protectors with larger chicken wire ones. The one year old trees have started to outgrow the mesh protectors already.

8 July 2021 - Daniel sent off our 2021 planting report to Landcare Tasmania and thanked them for the Landcare sponsored trees we planted.

29 June 2021 - Melissa and Daniel went out to water all newly planted trees, the forecast rain didn't eventuate but all trees looked good and protected.

24 June 2021 - Received a renewal of our authority to undertake weed eradication and re-vegetation on Crown land from Anne Maginnity - Crown Lands Officer for 6 month to Christmas 2021.

21 June 2021 - Daniel went out to give the newly planted trees near the access track a water, as the higher ground looked dryer then further east. I also managed to remove and take to the tip an old fridge which has been dumped in a drain nearby. All flowering gorse were also cut and pasted adjacent to the tea trees.

19 June 2021 - Successful planting day at Seymour - a sincere thank you for contributing your time and efforts to planting out 250 trees today on the SCAGI gorse eradication/restoration project. 12 members and friends certainly made the task today easier and infinitely more enjoyable as together we worked our way through the task at hand. Delicious cakes provided for morning tea by Cheryl and Melissa were perfect in getting everyone to the finish line....thank you! The weather certainly helped us out this week, with plenty of rain making the earth soft and perfect for the little trees to be planted and now to thrive. A link to photos is available here.

18 June 2021 - Todd met Daniel at Seymour to do the tree siting by distributing the protector stakes. Test holes indicated enough moisture for the trees to be planted without watering in.

17 June 2021 - Daniel picked up the 250 trees from Habitat Nursery in Liffey.

2 June 2021 - Kez picked up the 250 protectors from Waratah Wholesaler in Launceston as well as two tubs for tool storage and morning tee kettle etc. from Bunnings.

31 May 2021 - Daniel drove to Goshen sawmill to pick up the stakes for the protectors.

31 May 2021 - Tim Reid came back with Kaylen Jorgensen the BODC weed officer to spray along Champ St, and along the fence line to the south-east.


29 May 2021 - Kez sent out an invitation and a flyer for our upcoming tree planting session on the, 19th June at 10am, SCAGI are planting out 250 trees which have been propagated from Seymour sourced seeds at Habitat Nursery. Whether you can spare an hour or more, all help will be greatly appreciated, bring a friend! There will be cake and a cuppa provided for morning/afternoon tea.

BYO lunch. If you have a watering can, spade or other tree planting equipment you could bring along, that would be a good help.

28 May 2021 - Request was sent to Gerry Murrell from Property Services for an extension to the works authority letter for the Seymour Wetland crown land.


18 May 2021 - Friends of Freycinet came to assist us with a working bee organised by Fiona Everts from Parks. We managed a full day's cut and pasting gorse around the new plantings in the south east corner and to the north. Kez organised a morning and lunch tea for all. Many thank yous to all who attended.

5 May 2021 - Daniel submitted a grant application to Tas WEEDS ACTION FUND - STAGE 2
TARGETED LARGE GRANTS. This included weed management on neighbouring properties over a 3 year period. A link is here

11 Apr 2021 - Kez, Daniel and the Students went out again to do another four hours of weeding following up from the day before. A late lunch was had at Aurora before the UTAS Landcare society students departed and we unpacked everything.


10 Apr 2021 - Luke Cooper from UTAS Landcare Society arrived with four students - Harriet, Joy, Amy and Ink,  for a working bee of cutting and pasting gorse regrowth. The locals Kez, Todd, Daniel, David and Gary joined the group to start a productive day weeding. Todd gave us an interesting introduction to the history of Bush Regeneration in Australia. For morning tea and lunch we had a picnic, later in the afternoon some hail, rain and a cold change stopped proceedings and we transferred to Aurora for tea and coffee before the students set up camp and had dinner at Kez and Quentin's place.


9 Apr 2021 - Kez and Daniel met in the morning to prepare tools and slash a walking track in preparation for the planned working bee the next day.


29 Mar 2021 - Quentin sent a draft aquittal report, which Daniel will finish and submit by the 30 April deadline.


19 Mar 2021 - We are delighted to welcome our new neighbours Lynda and Paul Williams as new members of SCAGI.

15 Mar 2021 - Quentin wrote to all neighbouring properties with the news of the next round of Weeds Action Fund: large grant round being now open and administered through NRMNorth by Raelene Milbus the Tasmanian Weeds Action Fund Coordinator.

13 Mar 2021 - Luke the Treasurer of UTAS Landcare Society replied to the call for a working bee. April 10th is likely to be the date for the weekend.

15 Mar 2021 - Tim Reid sprayed the blackberries at the northern side of the wetland.

12 Mar 2021 - Quentin got the ball rolling for a working bee in preparation for the 2nd round of tree planting in late Autumn. 


12 March 2021 - Second day of slashing by Alan Spencer with Tim Reid spraying  the periphery of the slashed areas.

11 Mar 2021 - Karen Stewart sent the Aquital Report Template for the Weed Action Grant due to be returned by the end of April.


11 Mar 2021 - First of two days slashing of grassy areas by Alan Spencer. Tim Reid returned to spray the 10m buffer areas not slashed along the roads.


9 Mar 2021 - 7am start on a perfect day. Quentin, Daniel and Warren assisted Tim with two hoses and backpacks. The southern end was much thicker with regrowth than expected and progress was also slower than expected. By noon we were well over the the available funds from the leftover Weed Action Fund grant and made a stop to survey the rest of the site.

8 Mar 2021 - Tim Reid arrived for the final treatment of the weeds to the west of the access track. A light shower prohibited Quentin, Daniel and David from assisting him and the project was postponed to the next day.

The meeting was used to obtain a quote from Alan Spencer who arrived from St Marys to check out the work needed. Quentin drove to familiarise him with the scope of the work. Warren extended his welcome for Tim to park his trailer and offered his water for the following day. Quentin and Daniel finished off cut and pasting and spraying along the road near the first culvert to the car park.

20 Feb 2021 - Daniel picked up spare tree guards from Quentin to replace broken and missing plastic sleeves at the planting north of the Field Day track. Further hand weeding was done also in this area.

19 Feb 2021 - Todd Dudley met with Daniel to survey the regrowth and discuss future actions on the eastern side of the track. He advised to slash the grassy areas with the gorse regrowth and wait for the gorse to regrow then to spray them without the tall grass interference. The large blackberry patch to the north of the wetland is to be sprayed by Tim Reid this autumn. Daniel did also some hand weeding gorse for a few hours.


16 Feb 2021 - Melissa and Daniel went out to spray gorse and extended buffers around tree plantings.


15 Feb 2021 - Quentin and Daniel tended to the tree plantings weeding and slashing around them to create a buffer for future spraying.

12 Feb 2021 - Tim Reid sprayed the southern part of the western side of the access track and reported strong regrowth with all the wet weather we had over summer. He is to return for another day to treat the northern part. This will finalise our grant project for the western area and leaves us without future funding for the western part of the access track.

11 Feb 2021 - We have been notified by Raelene Mibus from NRMNorth re Tasmanian Weeds Action Fund Stage 2 Round 1 Small Grants that our grant application for the western part of the access track ($5K) was not successful. $200K was distributed to 26 projects. The grant assessment process was changed from DIPWE to NRM North and we have been encouraged to re-submit for future funding rounds.

1 Feb 2021 - Emily Renshaw from the Communities Environment Program grant scheme confirmed receipt of additional information for the pending grant Variation Request CEP79328.

8 Jan 2021 - Landcare Tasmania gave us the final acquittal notice for the Landcare Tasmania LAP  Grant.

6 Jan 2021 - Todd Dudley received a letter from the Minister for Primary Industries and Water, Guy Barnett.

reading: "I can advise that your request for a Ministerial review into the decision to grant a water licence on Doctors Creek and an un-named tributary of Doctors has been initiated. The statutory review process outlines a 45-day period is allowed for this process and you will be advised of the outcome in due course."

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