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30 Dec 2017 - Letter by Eric Woehler to SCAGI members and supporters (link to his letter)

about comments and background information based on his direct personal and professional involvement with Break O'Day Council dealing with dogs on beaches in the Municipality since May 2007 (!).

Adjunct Researcher, Marine and Antarctic Futures Centre

Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies

University of Tasmania, Private Bag 129, Hobart TAS 7001

Convenor, BirdLife Tasmania

GPO Box 68 Hobart Tasmania 7001 AUSTRALIA

BirdLife Tasmania Secretary

29 Dec 2017 - Inquiry by Quentin to Liz Znidersic re possible erection of temporary shore bird fencing at Templestowe Lagoon after renewed sightings of 4WDs etc in the area.

24 Dec 2017 - Melissa Manton cut & past thistles and blackberry along Templestowe, Bedgegood and Cooper Streets for two hrs in the morning.

21 Dec 2017 - Melissa Manton continues spraying young blackberry along Templestowe St where the last fire occurred and gorse along Champ Street to the west of the car park. All up 5 hrs of spot spraying with her own chemicals and spray equipment.

15 Dec 2017 - Daniel Steiner and Jarrod Maclain from GSB Council spot sprayed edges of mulched gorse areas, taller re-growth gores and blackberry in these areas. We sprayed 2  times 600 litre tank with two re-tractable 100 metre hoses in full body suits with face masks. (map link)

14 Dec 2017 - Melissa Manton sprayed young emerging blackberry on both sides of Templestowe St where the last fire occurred. 5 hrs of spot spraying with her own chemicals and spray equipment.

10 & 11 Dec 2017 -  Quentin Smith and and Jarrod Maclain from GSB Council spot sprayed edges of mulched gorse areas, taller re-growth gores and blackberry in these areas. They sprayed 2  times 600 litre tank with two re-tractable 100 metre hoses in full body suits with face masks. Total 16 hrs (map link)

7 Dec 2017 - Action for public awareness re proposed land sale of Public Open Space by GSB Council at Lenny's Point 311 Harveys Farm Rd Bicheno. Quentin and Helen from EON took photographs for a planed SAVE LENNY’S POINT - PICNIC

6 Dec 2017 - Confirmation of the acquittal of the BODC Community Grant by Chris Hughes in accordance with Council's requirement.

4 Dec 2017 - Confirmation by David Quon  to lend his sprayer unit  to SCAGI for use in the Crown Land.

3 Dec 2017 - Successful SCAGI AGM held at Aurora Beach Cottage with support of representatives from NE Bioregional Network and EON Bicheno. Office bearers and committee members were re-elected without any changes.

2 Dec 2017 - East Coast Planning Forum held by PMAT (see heading Planning) at Beachfront Conference Centre, Bicheno. Kez, Quentin and Daniel attended from SCAGI. (Report)

29 Nov 2017 - After a end of August commitment, Kristina Freshney is still to get someone to check the  GPS re the Street name changes and there update at Long Point. 

1 Nov 2017 - Quentin arranged meeting for follow up drone photography with Bob from St Marys.

For a stitched version of the mulched areas and the site in context (photo link). See under Pics a special album of more aerial photography.

26 Oct 2017 - Quentin and Amanda Brooks, Weed Officer with the GLAMORGAN SPRING BAY COUNCIL sprayed both sides of the beach track. (photo link)

23 Oct 2017 - Quentin's meeting with the new Head of Parks, Jason Jacobi near Falmouth.

11 Oct 2017 - Dan with the Green Army gathering previously cut & pasted gorse for collection and Quentin spraying gorse regrowth amongst native vegetation. (photo link)

9 Oct 2017 - Rob Selwood from Tas Eco Mulching completed all except a small section in the NW corner where he put strips through to enable spraying. This exhausted our special funding of $ 9000 agreed to at the last SCAGI meeting and contributed to in equal parts by Smith, De Jong and Manton.

8 Oct 2017 - 12 hour day of mulching in progress by Rob of Tas ECO Mulching, on areas west of the beach access track.

7 Oct 2017 - Kez and Quentin cut & pasted and disposed of old plastic tree guards. Rob started mulching on the western side of the beach access track. He put in solid 12 hr days with his machine.

6 Oct 2017 - Rob finished all mulching areas east of the beach access track. Quent was spot spraying and cut & pasting regrowth gorse along eastern mulching perimeter in native vegetation.

5 Oct 2017 - Tas Eco Mulching's Rob Selwood started final assault mulching all dense and burnt gorse to the north and west of already mulched areas. Rob was put up by Quent and Kez for 4 nights. He started on the eastern side of the beach access track.

11 Sept 2017 - Green Army returned to cut and paste more gorse along Champ St south side.

9 Sept 2017 - Daniel and Melissa collected many bins of glass bottles and cans with other metal rubbish from the burnt area, including the burnt electricity wire and disposed of it at the Bicheno tip.

6 Sept 2017 - Daniel and Melissa cut and past large gorse and tree lupin to extend wetland buffer to north-west to beach.

4 Sept 2017 - Meeting with Kez, Daniel, Todd, Fiona and Lucy (PWS) to discuss future funding arrangements and for a site inspection. (see photos)

4 Sept 2017 - Daniel Steiner meeting with Todd Dudley and the Green Army. The Green Army cut and pasted gorse along the south side of Champ St and further weed surveys with tagging were produced at the west side of the beach access track.

30 Aug 2017 - Good news also with the peat fire being declared extinguished and the good work of PWS Fire Unit is very much appreciated by the locals.

30 Aug 2017 -  Good news of funding commitment of 3.5K by the Fire Reduction Unit of the Tasmania Fire Service through the Northern Region Fire Management Branch of the PWS, towards the Gorse Strategy at Seymour. This grant will be administered through Fiona at PWS.

28 Aug 2017 - Daniel sent email to Polly in regards to the new un-clear "Dog on Leash" sign at end of beach access track.

25 Aug 2017 - Update on the peat fire by Glenn Greenland Field Officer East Coast District of the Tasmania Fire Service. He informs us that PWS have taken over the management of the burn. They are expected to fight it with underground water wands for the next 5 days.

24 Aug 2017 - Official letter by BODC (Chris Triebe) via Paula Kloosterman re Long Point road name changes. The controversy about the spelling of Bedggood (two) Place(s) is continuing, it is spelt without the "e".


22 Aug 2017 - After the realisation that a peat fire was at hand, the resources were intensified with an excavator digging a perimeter trench being doused  via water trucks. The smoke coverage was heavy over night and in the morning in the low wind conditions. (photo)


21 Aug 2017 - Monday morning the fire re-ignites and jumps Champ St at the southern beach access road light winds change to southerly south-westerly and the burn intensifies spreading north and east towards 22 Pedder St. entrance and building. By the time the Fire Brigade arrived in Pedder/Templestowe St one power line was burnt through and on the ground. At the end of the day 4 large fire trucks were on site.


20 Aug 2017 - Burn off went out of control in the centre of Long Point and Bicheno Fire Brigade was in attendance to assist. Burn started near south-eastern boundary of 22 Pedder St and spread west along Champ St. towards Champ and Pedder St intersection. It was decided by the Fire Brigade to let the burn "burn out" over night.

20 Aug 2017 - Successful SCAGI meeting at Quentin and Kez's place with Alison Hugo, Polly Buchhorn, Fiona Everts, Todd Dudley and six SCAGI members with numerous apologies.

18 Aug 2017 - Installation of new Seymour Wetland sign by Daniel Steiner with support by BODC, North East Bioregional Network, Earth Ocean Network and Tas Parks and Wildlife Services.

11 Aug 2017 - Email from Erica Lowry BODC re Aurora Energy Community grants for $5K with a 14 Aug deadline.

1 Aug 2017 - Change of SCAGI meeting to Sun 20 Aug  2017. Alison Hugo, Polly Buchhorn and Fiona Everts to attend discussion about funding.

1 Aug 2017 - 3rd draft of Gorse Eradication Strategy for Seymour Wetlands Restoration by Fiona for final comments.

(Link to pdf of the document)

27 July 2017 - Commitment to Fiona Everts (Parks) by SCAGI for a ten year period in order for the Weed Management Plan to be effective, subject to funding.

27 July 2017 - SUEZ Community Grants Application Outcome: Whilst the SCAGI application was well received, unfortunately, it has been unsuccessful in the 2017 program.

13 July 2017 - East Coast Community Groups which are part of PMAT. The ten groups are:

  1. Bay of Fires Coastal Preservation Lobby

  2. Beaumaris Action Network

  3. Earth Ocean Network (Bicheno)

  4. Freycinet Action Network

  5. Friends of Four Mile Creek

  6. Friends of the Blue Tier

  7. North East Bioregional Network

  8. Seymour Community Action Group

  9. St Helens Point Progress Association

  10. Swansea Group
    The groups contacts are available


6 July 2017 - Official launch of PLANNING MATTERS ALLIANCE TASMANIA signals a unified push to protect the things that make Tasmania great and ensure the public has the right to have their say....please see under Planning for more detail.

4 July 2017 - UTAS and BirdLife Tasmania's Dr Eric Woehler states in his email to Quentin: The area immediately adjacent to Templestowe Lagoon is an important nesting site for Fairy Terns and the critically endangered Little Tern. The area is of national significance based on nesting shorebirds and terns, and must be protected year-round.

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